Visit to Shoal Sanctuary Nature Preserve and Sculpture Trails on 24 May 2005
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IMG_6826oGreatSpirit IMG_6830robertLarson IMG_6831Chris-Nancy IMG_6842porchSwing IMG_6842porchSwingBee
Great Spirit Robert Guest Room Joggling Board Bee
IMG_6847ChrisPeaceSign IMG_6852NancyRiver IMG_6856plank IMG_6862NancyBirdSculpture IMG_6867TriangleHead
Medicine Bell Erehwon Bridge Creation Totem Stone Sing
IMG_6872Fibonacci IMG_6878swoop IMG_6883tomatoOrnaments IMG_6890RyePlusField IMG_6899animals
Leonardo Haiku Tomatoes Field Wild

See the Grotto Ravine movie as QuickTime (18.7 MB) or Flash (8.8 MB) in darker original or lighter versions. See also the studio garden Flash movie (1.3 MB).

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