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Greeting - July 2002, center

Notes follow the image from left and down and across and down. From the seagull on high to the tiny frog on my deck. Past the green slime surf over lavendar-rayed jelly and tiny ghost crab. To the Sea Oats that hold the dunes in place. The yellow fly and its terrible bite. Caroling with sweat band and water pack photographed by daughter Elizabeth on the Deer Lake State Park walk. Finally an orchid wildflower. The card says:

I retired in 1996 and finally found a place to retire in 2001.
It's the NW part of Florida on the Gulf of Mexico, called the "Panhandle" or the Emerald Coast.
See the quartz crystal white sand and the turquoise water?
See the walking it each day in bliss?
Realistically, I traded congestion, high cost, and earthquakes for heat, bugs, and hurricanes.
I love the misty moisty muggy air.
It's a great place to work, gazing out back windows into the forest.

See also the front and back of the card. See Florida travel page.

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