Hands Across the Sand
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Hands Across the Sand

On Florida beaches, protesters joined hands across the sand on Feb. 13, 2010, to tell Florida and US legislators to vote against drilling for oil off the coast of Florida. Especially important are the quartz crystal sand beaches of the panhandle, known as the Emerald Coast for its quality and beauty. About 20 people gathered here near Eastern Lake, a rare Coastal Dune Lake that is sometimes open to the Gulf of Mexico. It is located about three miles east of Seaside.


Here are two videos (banner and event) in two formats (YouTube and Vimeo). For access to:


posterDave Rauschkolb from Bud & Alley's restaurant in Seaside got the idea for this event and made it a reality. See the website, facebook page, and the SoWal bulletin board for ongoing action.

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