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Bristlecone Medicine Wheel Story, Native Time

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These pages are records of trips taken on the search for the whole self, visiting the ancient Bristlecone forest.

This one tells how about the natives of the wheel.

The Ancient Bristlecone Forest*. At the end of the story told in our time, I entered the magic of the Medicine Wheel. Here's the story. At the first log, the entrance, a chief is greeting me. In a flash I realize the apparent logs are an enchanted tribe. Each day, one person tells their part of the story. Each day I move to the next log, (now called a station) always spiraling outside, until I reach the last, within the circle, in the center. I tell these stories in the home pages, starting with the chief, Station 1.

Your visit can be literal or virtual. To get to know the wheel, spend a period of time at each station. This could be 10 minutes, an hour, or a day depending on the length of your stay. That is, you can spend a few hours, a long day or two, or a couple of weeks getting to know the wheel and letting the story come to you.

The people are chief, shaman, arbiter, storyteller, scout, agent or actor, sky keeper, singer, musicians, medicine keeper, event master, psychologist, remote healer, gate keeper, WLB {WHB} group, and caretaker. According to the story, these people preexisted the logs. So this is before the enchantment. This is just a snapshot, a scenario. To activate it would take an intersection of our time and native time in whole time or straight time.

The chief has one feather in the headdress. Each of the others has one feather. The entire headdress is the whole group in procession, when the time is right.

Everyone is getting ready for a special ceremony. As they work, you'll see a huge instrument in action. This switch happens everytime you blink. As your eyes are opening you see the instrument. The people appear when you blink and the instrument when opening your eyes, but ordinary reality when eyes open. To maximize the story, make your blinks long and your open eyes short, which is the opposite of usual way of seeing.

1 The chief is scanning the horizon for omens. Up, down, and around, must be the most completely aware and ready person.

2 Shaman has on buffalo mask. No buffalo roam here. The mask has been handed down from an old plains shaman. The shaman also wears Scruffrug. And is meditating transcendently. (Is having visions of the others. Is seeing them as most of them have never seen themselves. This might be an ability, but might not be now.)

3 The arbiter is picking flowers and looking at small things, such as an insect gathering food.

4 The story teller is remembering the past, the present, and the future. The stories in mind must be reviewed and put away. The story to come is not forseen and not anchored in time. The ceremonial story is to be the always-can-be type. So the storyteller's mind must be clear of old stories and new. All the children gather to hear the story teller putting away the stories. They will keep them for him during the ceremony, while the elders are busy. They keep them best by telling the stories to their friends.

5 The scout is asleep, preparing for a journey.

6 The actor mimics the stories in pantomime. All known responses and movements must be reviewed and put away to prepare for the unknown actions to come. Some children copy the actor, so they can pass on the pantomime to the other children.

7 The Sky person is watching shadows.

8 The singer is voice-fasting.

9 The musicians are doing foot root drawings. That is where they lie on their backs in a circle, pretending they are one tree. With their feet and legs, they draw the roots as a growth dance, animating the growth of bristlecone roots. At the end of a drawing, they drop their feet to the ground, legs crossed at the ankle. Then together, they visualize the space the roots would take, given the toe pointing, and vectors of movement. Their thoughts take on a synergy that helps each one see more than any one could see individually. This created tree root serves to help them play music together as one. They do it over and over. Learning to see and remember the shapes danced in the sky by 10 feet all at once.

10 The medicine keeper cleans vessels used to prepare and provide medicines, which are gathered and stored for the coming event. Gives golden herb tea to everyone, even the children. Some of the children help gather the tea.

11 The event master is sweeping around the altar. The altar is an imaginary line extending up and down from a nonexistent point in the center. So the task of the event master at this time is to evaluate a sense of everyone else's sense of the center. This will need to be the center when something happens, when the ceremony takes place. So as he sweeps, he feels into precognition, knowing that if he comes halfway, he'll be accurate. Suddenly he feels that the center will be a moving one. He starts to attune to its possible changes.

12 Victoire, the pyschologist, studies the WLB {WHB} group. The two pairs are particularly facinating. One pair keeps side-by-side all the way. It is a designated distance, not too far away, not too close. This stable agreement enables others to take advantage of the rift, safely. The other pair reaches towards each other with intimacy, through extremity. Their association has potential deep sharing, but could fail equally easily. The psychologist muses on the characters of the other three associated beings, singly. They each seem unique. Orthogonal word comes to mind, but they don't seem that different, just different enough to seem unique. AHA is the comment.

13 The remote healer is receiving, opening awareness to healing energy. Practicing on channeling to the children indirectly, casually. Seeing a step lifted, a skip, a smile, a passed-on pat on the back.

14 The gate keeper is puzzled, has studied every aspect of the gate and so far, it doesn't seem to be working. Goes over maze.

15 WLBs {WHBs} are a different kind of being. The psychologist is getting to know them well, from keen objective observation. These are the kind of beings who come on invitation. They follow the principle, "when the pupil is ready, the teacher appears." They have come in accord with the native people's development. They'll act as guides to adapting and evolving to the next dimension. In preparation for the ceremony. "They also serve, who only stand and wait," fits them. Spiritually, they are more akin to the Bristlecones than the native people. This kinship will become a matter of survival much more intensely and sooner than any of the WLBs would have thought possible.

16 The caretaker is making moccasins. The moccasins keep us grounded in where we came from and provide the leap to where we are going. The moccasins must be like a second skin. A person wearing the moccasins leaves a footprint with toes, only softly, smoothed over, compared to a bare footprint. The others that are preparing materials are the medicine keeper and the shaman. Later you see how they work together.

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