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Here's a start to my journal. It's not typical, which is typical of the journal. It is a vast, varied, and mostly hard-to-read mess. But full of buried treasures.

The journal is mostly by me, but these photos by Nancy James are a must. In the spring, 1994, Nancy and I went to a retreat at Green Gulch farm north of SF in California. That is a Zen place. The name of the retreat was "Hiking and Haiku" and that's what we did, besides eating, breathing, and living Zen. The first hike was through the dark of night to the ocean at Muir beach. We knew we were on a path by how it felt underfoot. We found the ocean edge from its sound.

After every hike we'd talk, write, and share our poems. It was wonderful. When the whole journal is exposed, er published, you'll see all the haikus we wrote. You'll hear why we held a ceremony outside the gate on the hill where Alan Watts and Christopher Pirsig lent their ashes, marked with stones.

The Zen haiku teacher was Tenshin Reb Anderson, a priest with an important position at the place. (Now a Senior Dharma Teacher.) The wilderness hiking teacher was Steve Harper, an Esalen associate. They both taught and enjoyed hiking and haiku.


Reb looks south, Steve west

Han Shan and Shih Te hiku

Steve looks east, Reb north


Steve wears a backpack
Up? Down? Left? Right? Who chooses?
Reb holds a warm wrap

Credits: * photo © Nancy Ann James 1994. All rights reserved.

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