Journal, Monte Rio, 1975-

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Not that the following has to be moved out of journalearly and forward when I get there. It was in my file drawer folder in the wrong order.


Undated but obviously Monte Rio, 1975

I came to the Mountain River place because it was one place beautiful where I was welcome, by some. All summer I worked. When the winter rains come, alas how easy it is to muck it up. To kill the grass I worship on.

October 5, 1975

Lansing sez Triple lock is: do breath of fire until you are doing it as fast as you can. Then take out and in deep lock anus, lock shoulder, and lock neck. Then kundalini raised but locked to cenr — to replenish body's energy. But Satchidananda (I.Y) sez: Triple lock is anus lock on inhale, neck lock on hold and stomach left on exhale. Reemember when John said he could feel heartbeat in eardrum?

After glass is up

"peak" experience seekers rise from broad base of consciousness

I seem to have usual minimal consciousnees to which sometimes mind is expanded to greatest reaches

After I got the glass up I seem to have funneled down into my tiniest consciousness which apprehends almost everything with AWE. Awful. Now I like sitting in dome.

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