Silence At Retreat

Hello, Fellow Participants at the ECMS Day-long Silent Meditation Retreat,

Welcome to the day of silence. If you will be there for the morning yoga session, please bring a yoga mat (if you have one). Also, if you will be doing the 9 a.m. outdoor walk, or the 1:30 p.m. outdoor walk, please wear long pants and sturdy shoes.

We wish to emphasize the mindful and “silent” aspect of the day. There is a special quality about the absence of speaking which deepens the experience of a retreat. In normal circumstances, we are frequently chatting, laughing, asking questions, acting in a friendly manner toward each other.

During this retreat, we ask you to forgo that usual friendliness and camaraderie. When you first come in the meeting room door, you may do a respectful bow in greeting to others who are there, but no words, please. I will give you a few verbal instructions after our first meditation and slow walk. When instruction is required during some of the activities, the leader will speak briefly. Pointing and other gestures can be very effective.

The wonderful silence allows us to pay attention to our breath and our inner being. It allows us to be more mindful, more aware and awake, without attaching to the thoughts and concepts our small self may bombard us with. It will make the entire day, for everyone, a more peaceful experience. If someone forgets and starts to speak to you, please just put your finger to your lips as a quiet reminder.

We have built into the schedule two 15-minute periods when we will break our silence: just before lunch and just after the closing ceremony. Please save questions and comments till those times. If a question is urgent and cannot wait, please beckon to Caroling or Nancy and ask it in a whisper.

Thank you

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