Control spin with movie buttons or keyboard arrows.

Ritual Wand movie (Flash)

Driftwood on the white sand sea beach of the Emerald Coast. Part of the magic of the gone grove, floating back into our hands. Well-shaped for wrapping fingers and conducting wishes. Earth wish in; my wish out. Breathing wishes. Whip the willing wand.

Buttons in this movie let you choose one of 5 views of the wand. At the bottom of the movie, click the left, right, or pause button. On your keyboard, to stop the action and step through the movie frame-by-frame, repeatedly press the left or right arrow key. To speed up the play, hold the arrow down.

left left click or arrow moves the wand to the next view. fast rate right dlick plays the movie; right arrow moves the wand to the next view. pause On pause stops the movie until you click another button or the left or right arrow.

get flash icon Flash 4+ plug-in is required.

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