Fred Fred sleeping


Time gathers like a cloud
and presently the stars begin to pale
over an ocean still dark
with remembered night --

opens to the revelation
of a moment, a solitary note
heard in a symphony
thundering through debatable
existences of uncharted dark.

The universe plays to a rhythm
unused to calendars or clocks.
The creation is ongoing, unstoppable,
as great and active as it has ever been.

That we wish to cast a net
over its vast, dark sea
and set our minds to charting
what we might otherwise fear
is encompassing but futile.

A year has no economy
save the dawn and set of day
on a planet that turns
roundly upon its axis.

Of a century or a thousand years
I say love each day as the first or last.
Pray that our moments
not steal away.

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The Guru Incarnate

Poem from the book Songs of the Emerald Sea (see * credits below). Surrounded by a frog called Fred who came to sleep on the deck for a day as the guru incarnate. Do frogs say "ribbet"!?

When you get the guru's message of the moment, put it into action with your magic wand.

  * Credits: Poem reprinted with permission from the poet Cynthia d'Este. When she comes to Florida, she becomes the Emerald Coast Poet.

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