Wrinkle 2 panorama, wave shoot

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These pages are to give flight to your imagination.

The Earth Site page says Earth Day is to "...awaken the wonder of life, and realize the best potential for the future of the human adventure."

To put it negatively, landscapes are not the only use for QTVRs; landscapes are not the only way to make artworks about earth. Positively, evolutionary geometry can provide answers to problems from the atomic level on up to space modules. I seek to engage your imagination. It is an event on the web. It is the first publication of lostNfound. It is one map to the models of expansion of consciousness. Specifically, it is a panorama of the model of EIE.

The pano on this page is the first one created with MoviePlayer 2.5.1.

Other choices:

    First pano

    3072x292 graphic. Cinepak 75, start 50, 400x192.
  1. readMeEqnx.htm

If you don't have a QuickTime plug-in for your browser (PC or Mac) see http://www.apple.com/quicktime/sw/.

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Or, if you prefer, skip the plug-in and view a flat panorama.

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