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Click: 1. Sun clip (left), 2. Middle for whole movie or 3. People clip (right)

Sanctuary 5: Galactic light

Gaze at the setting sun on December 19, 2004. Gather rays transmitted with the sun light, aligned with the center of the galaxy, near the constellation Sagittarius. Although we are about as far as we can get from the galactic center, in reverie, we're tuned in to the most central spin we know, traveling with the sun around the galaxy.

See large size movie or resizable movie (496 KB). Within each movie, find two buttons that pop up animations (clips); one on the sun and the other on the people. See more information on each movie page.

To see the movie, Macromedia® get flash icon Flash™ 6 + plug-in is required (free). If you have Flash 4 or 5 and can't upgrade, you could try this slightly larger Flash version of the movie.

Alternatively, see the long panoramic image (310 KB). For orientation to the lineup, see this graphic, "Sun Align Top". Back to Sanctuary.

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