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December solstice, 2004.
Caroling Geary Wholeo Online
Seagrove Sanctuary

Point Washington State Forest, Northwest Florida, USA


I ask that this work be the sanctuary; not simply represent one. It does represent a place in photographs and visions of apparitions there as digital art forms during the days near the solstice, December, 2004. It comes from a certain space and time. However, find sanctuary in the presentation, as it comes together for this global event.

Facing the sun, aligned with and beaming messages from the stars in the center of the galaxy, enter broad arches of color. Circling counter-clockwise, escorted by Colored Light Beings (CLBs) as a crowd of discs, let your bare feet sink in the white crystal sand, rooted with pine needles and Reindeer moss (deer lichen) as is the beach and forest all about. Pause to breathe deeply the sea-fresh breezes, circulating rainbow energy within your entire being. Along with Caroling's shadow, raise gaze to the sparkling sphere of Mamagua, protectress of these shores. Passing the watry drop of Ester, spirit of nearby Eastern Lake, come to dance with a guardian appearing like an ancient Shiva Nataraja. On the one hand drumming the creation of the world; on the other hand flaming its destruction, lift your foot, enlightened. Although the net of the unknown waves chaos in the shadows, return by spectral arc to the sunlight filtered through the growth, reverently honoring the galactic source about which we turn.

The sound is Wind Harp music by Greg Joly, web site: www.harmonicwindharps.com .


Point Washington State Forest, Seagrove Beach, NW Florida, USA
December 19 , 2004  12:45 p.m. CST
Geographic coordinates - Lat: 30:18:52N Lon: 86:05:22W Elevation: 4 meters

Equipment - Canon 300D (Digital Rebel) digital SLR camera, 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 lens at 18mm (equivalent to 28mm film camera), ISO 400, RAW, f.8 at 1/200 second. Hand held. Stitched with Apple's QuickTime VR Authoring Studio 1.01. Graphic modifications in Adobe Photoshop CS.

Full-Screen version of this panorama (2 MB).

Behind the scene : how this panorama was made

I spent weeks on these panoramas and still am not satisfied or finished. I see this forest out the window beyond my computer screen where I spend most of my time. It is a sanctuary in the sense of a place set apart for inner well-being. Physically, it rests my eyes and invigorates my wondering when the endangered tawny panther will appear. The December solstice is my birthday, usually celebrated in honor of the sun aligned with the center of the galaxy. I expand consciousness to connect with the celestial rotations that pull me around to June solstice when we realign between the sun and the galactic center.

I took the photos for a two-tier object movie, from my toes to just above the horizon. I made a disk to stand on, with 16 notches, for 16 pictures around. I was thinking "grounding" in the sanctuary, bowed in reverence. The object movie was too big and jerky, so I stitched the upper tier into a panoramic source file.

The graphics pasted into the stitched forest picture are of favorite and familiar spirits especially drawn to me at this place and time. However, two new visions appeared: the dancer and the net of chaos shadows.

I intended to superimpose a Flash movie of the solstice lights: sun, stars in Sagittarius, and candle. It was too distracting. Also, when the aspect ratio of a QTVR is changed, it doesn't affect the VR track, but it stretches and distorts the Flash track. I could have made it in 4:3 proportion to fit many screens. But new widescreen displays do not have that proportion. I will develop the sun/galaxy movie on the related pages in my website, Wholeo Online .

The "Seagrove" in the title comes from Seagrove Beach, the name of the neighborhood where I live.

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