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These pages are to give flight to your imagination. The ritual space about 0 is within the ellipse used to describe it. Consider 0 in a relative position. Consider it less as a nothing than as a between that if you pay attention, you can go through. This page is a collection of random thoughts and notes about 0. For such notes before 1989, see the online book, Zen and the Art of Dividing by Zero.

page 66 Bluebeard by Kurt Vonnegut, 1987 "...Nowhere has the number zero been more of philosophical value than in the United States. 'Here goes nothing,' says the American as he goes off the high diving board."

Poem written by Elizabeth in Arizona: The Hopi Sky Poem

  • forceful whisp
  • tangibly unreachable
  • unimaginable expansion
  • universal blue print

from 7/8/98 ERN email: "by October through December of 1998 we could pass into the fifth world of the Native American peoples. This is the same as the fourth dimension of the Melchizedeks. The Hopi count the void as a world, we count it as zero. Another huge sign."

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