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Imagine--Ritual Spaces, Wedding at the Gateway of Dreams

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These pages are to give flight to your imagination. Here is the plan for a wedding ceremony at the Gateway of Dreams.

it symbolizes the truths of life. I think it is the greatest sculpture and artwork in the world. -p Come as a threesome. Me the channeler. VEliz as the female part. he as the male part. They are led blindfolded to the tree 0 (just had an idea to do a drawing of the map of the area with labels, so I can write easily Zof locations). that is between the plaque and the sculpture. From that vantage point, the Vtet looks whole. We say that now we are before birth, we are one and undivided. As we Wtravel towards the sculpture, we can keep it pretty much lined up (I should go with my Vcamera and photograph how it looks to do it). Actually this could be part of my study Rcosmic until the full moon. I just remembered that a parallel part of my thoughts Tyesterday were trying to clearly orient myself physically towards the center of the Vgalaxy. But I should do this at midnight and each night as the moon is coming around, Wswinging farther and farther towards the center of the galaxy, and peaking at the full [moon. I made a card with the dates yesterday. Just made another. I will be celebrating all Ythe way until the eclipse. Channeling from the full moon. But as it moves around, we are Unakedly the ones closest to the center of the galaxy and channeling to the moon then Vlined up with the sun. I can see an attraction set up by the full moon out there then pulled in and landed finally at the eclipse time. So anyway, this dialog is lots longer than I thought. I think this is the old man who has retired talking. this is the personal stuff Tthat really matters to me. It could really be a full time job and i would love it. NSo here we are back walking towards the sculpture unborn (idea to walk to the 0 Psculpture tomorrow morning and do some mapping and photos). Then we walk up to Vthe crack. We see that the uncarved block has been cleaved. Also see the part that is Qburied. imagine the whole shape. And we see that the right half is the male, the dominant left brain. And the right is the female, right brain, half buried in the earth. We Ysee that the cleavage is aligned with the winter solstice sun path. So he is bound to Sthe near face of the male and eliz is bound to the near face of the female. And it Wsymbolizes their birth and separate life representing a sexed human person. Separately Wthe guide comes to walk with them. I take he out of his body to the extreme pointed Tmale end and we walk out and the back towards the point. And experience the longing Tfor ascension and looking up to the highest spiritual ascension from the thin peaky Vpointed end. As we pass the point and continue on the dark back side of the sculpture Xand male, we see then that the male is cut off from the female and long for knowing and Wreunion we go past the female and turn around and see the broad open legs divided end. Xa different view of ascension and reuniting the two blocks in arrow to the peak. So he Zcannot go directly to her back. In trying to face her, he runs into the female block. And there he calls to her and beats on the the sculpture. (has she called to him and started him Son this journey towards him? Should i give them the narrative and let them receive guidance before. I don't think so, I think they should learn it in the ceremony. but i must Ybe alert to their growing participation, as in a healing). So maybe before he leaves his first position, he has heard her call. QSo she is awakened to move. I lead her to see the block from the female view. Of p) course eliz has loved that view of the sculpture, and has the picture she took there on her birthday in 1989. I have the feeling she will die young of aids or something. the poignant Zlonging for all my investment in her, financial as the most outwards to fruit. but all my I HH HH life tells me not to wallow in the outwards pursuit of success on earth, but to develop the 0a Xspiritual part. and she has been so deep in this way. nurturing me by providing welfare Tmoney. how can i ever repay? awakening me with her response, interest, and love. So Yactually maybe he has had to go back to his position because of the block, while I loose Nher. maybe two guides are needed? or maybe three, me free and two to lead the Xcelebrants, or chief symbols in our drama. here it is 6, a new dawn. i'm thinking about Tthe hughness of this project. how i wanted to spend time on mother's ghost project, Xseeing the movie of the color healings. could be as simple as show cards. and there are Zother things to do to finish it as a project. like to make it a standalone. maybe need to Ymake the color cards a virtually, separate project. unless get a superdrive and have 1.4 MB or 1.2 or whatever floppies. Manyway, eliz comes around and sees the male pointy end view of ascension and 0 Vlongs for him and feels the male block. so she stays there. then lead him back to the Zfemale block. so both are bound to the opposite block. and this symbolizes their passages Win growing up. coming from the one sex, longing for the completion with the other sex, 2to become whole. there learning about the other. -then standing in the cleave for their union. Mbut what else yesterday? Funny how long it seemed to take for the sun to get 0 Wbeyond the tree tops and show the crack on the grass. The arc of the clouds across the Ysky. looked like a giant eagle head, arcing from dawn all the way to the winter solstice sunrise point. That is it stopped in its arc, not crossing a line drawn up from that point. It Wdid not arc down again. But I think when I walked to the sidewalk where the peak fell, Ssaw my shadow above in the street, turned and walked down the tiny crack sun path, which is what i had been waiting for, there it was only 6:18 on my watch. strange, since it Tis 7 minutes fast, it must have been only 6:11.

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