Labyrinth qigong

This guidance came to me when asked to lead a Tai Chi or qigong practice at a visit to a labyrinth at sunrise. See photo.

The labyrinth has its own qigong for me. A qigong way to walk in. We gather at forest edge. Become one harmonized with the air and vibes and roots and develop springing walking steps energy binding us to the path as we walk in. Sherron's introduction will mesh with our enhanced energy to inspire our involvement with ourselves, our inspiration, and our results as we tread.

People stand in qigong centering energy in tan tien/hara/gut. Three lines. First line is from center of earth up legs and across hips. Keep knees flexed, not locked. Second line is up spine, through neck and head to a star above. Mention that the star overhead is constantly changing since earth, sun, galaxy all rotating at different speeds around the omniverse. Third line is across shoulders (kept down and back) and down arms, which are slightly lifted and bell-shaped as a gong.

We balance altho never stopped, always dynamic. But when we move we interact even more with the currents on earth. First we'll get our balance standing. Then walk in three ways to the labyrinth, where Sherron will introduce us. As we walk the labyrinth feel free to use these three and more walks, finding our own best rhythm.

Three ways of walking. The swinging all over aura walk where hips swing and arms swing and feet cross-over in outrageous joy. The sticky feet always earth connected and stirring currents walk. The slow zen walk with continuous motion but imperceptible change in harmony.

The feet have become sticky to ground, something like gum. Energy stretches when walk. Am going to stay grounded here.

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