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There are three movies in this QTVR scene. In each movie, links to the next movie are at the top or the bottom, where it touches the next layer.
I start on ground and end up flying, moving from literal reality, through the unfamiliar, to an expanded aerial view. This process is well-illustrated with an old Zen saying. "First there is a mountain. Then there is no mountain. Then there is." This is a poetic summary of the stages of enlightenment: before, during, and after. I use it as a metaphor for the process of change. Or how about seeing it as an adventure, such as climbing a mountain?

First there is a mountain. You see the mountain. "What mountain" you say? Oh, that mountain, so what? We all see the mountain. Some have climbed it to the top. "I want to climb it now", you realize. What do you have to do?

Then there is no mountain. You are climbing the mountain. The trail goes up and down, back and forth, and sometimes you can't even find the trail. In spite of all your preliminary thought and preparations for this trip, you are not ready for everything. No wonder. You have never done this before, never been here before, never experienced this part of yourself. If you are not actually lost, you feel lost. You have to accept your mistakes. One thing for sure, if you don't change and adapt successfully to the new conditions, you are in trouble.

Then there is. You are at the peak. You see the mountain (and reality) in a completely new way.