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     lifted out of context from
          LEAVES OF GRASS * (by Walt Whitman)

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At random glancing, each as I notice absorbing,
Swiftly on, but a little while alighting,
Curious envelop'd messages delivering,
Sparkles hot, seed ethereal down in the dirt dropping,
Myself unknowing, my commission obeying, to question it
     never daring,
To ages and ages yet the growth of the seed leaving,
Now triumph! transformation! jubilate!
Thou cluster free! thou brilliant lustrous one!
The invisible need of every seed.

Evolution--the cumulative--growths and generations.

And grand their laws, so multiform, puzzling, evolutionary;
More evolutionary, vast, puzzling, O my soul!
More multiform far--more lasting thou than they.

San Francisco

* The entire Leaves of Grass is on the web. I haven't found the particular edition with the preliminary words used in this lifting. Here is a good discussion of Whitman as mystic.

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