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Left: Individual   |   Center: Relationship   |   Right: Matrix

SF Hall of Justice Glass Design windows

The individual on the left pushes the boundaries of the matrix on the right. The relationship between angular cool colors and curved warm colors arches over the center.

The section about the individual has wings, ladder, and a peace symbol. The section about the matrix shapes the light, forms it, by filling corners. The individual completes the matrix. Together they make the whole.

The section about the relationship has a bridge between different, contrapuntal energies, perhaps male energies on the left and female energies on the right. The point is that they are bound together by their exchange. The male is green-gold, has crystalline form and a sun. The female is red-purple-blue (opposite in the color spectrum), has fluid form and a fire. The exchange has green-gold transmuted cosmic juices, mystic vision globules, and fluid flames. Perhaps these symbolize emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects of communication.

The story behind these designs is on the SF Hall of Justice page. See also the light fixtures, or go back to Art in San Francisco.

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