Art in New York - Person faces

The person painting includes a whole figure with faces at the top. This detail shows the faces clockwise starting with the flowers and orchid profile squeezed in the middle top. That is the dreamy artist. To the right and down (next to the Chagallesque candle to the moon) is the ordinary guy, the friend. Bottom center is a small blue-skinned mouth, a transition to the zen gone landscape-within-shirt interior. Also it is part of the eye to the left, the mystic face split open by the mad face usually carefully concealed. To the bottom left is the kabuki, dramatically mad, cock-eyed person, who looks out of control and is disconnected from its mouth to left near lumberjack shirt. To the left of that is the intense, mystic seeker eye. Up left in the clock is the depressed, sad, doomed face. He overlooks the other selves in vain as the grouchy, grimacing, pouting, glaring, disgusted self. The negative self.

Yes, there are four selves, two polarities. The negative and positive selves are the W<->E horizontal axis. On the vertical N/S axis are the mild, flower-like, intellectual, dreamer, non-violent contemplative vs. the street-shirt, fierce, intense mad mystic - the revolutionary. The E guy gets these together. The W guy despairs of getting them together.

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