Manhattan Scoop, ink painting

Art in New York - Manhattan Scoop, ink painting

Ink painting in 1964, New York city, continued along with new exploration in stained glass. Manhattan Scoop became a study for a screen painting, the Manhattan triptych oil painting.

Fifty years later, looking at this, I can only guess at the motives and meanings. It says "there". I wanted to comprehend the city and eventually did escape. Here it is in its dichotomy: the north built on natural rock and the south artificially built up. All set in the larger power of waves and land. The balls that seem to roll between the poles express passive activity contained and constricted by the constructed environment. I'm not sure if the tiny cross at the pinacle of the financial district says it is a church of the economy.

Manhattan triptych oil paintingSomeday I hope to publish a pile of ink paintings from this era.

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