Hipi Stone Match Hopi stone tablet

Hopi Tablet 2018

From the book Indian Country by Peter Matthiessen is this quote "The Hopi await their True White Brother, who would return as a purifier to correct wrong-doers, carrying a stone tablet that would match the one given to the first people at Oraibi." Hopi, the peaceful ones, refers not to an ethnic group, but to an attitude. Hopi was melded with hip in the 1960s to form the word "hippies".

If I were to make a stone to match the stone of the Hopi, what would it look like? Quick drawing on June 23, 2018. See design above. Notes following.

Is to be made of fired clay. Black or void hole in stone started by an incised spiral. These raindrops are to be spoken or sung from left to right and top to bottom. This will sound different each time with each voice. Right arm wraps around back of tablet. Right fingers grip the left edge of the tablet. To be held with the Right arm from the right with fingers wrapped to top, middle or bottom notches. The left fingers can trace the cunieform marks amplifying voice vibrations. A real object can be like a washboard or a zither. The fuzzy scribble area is a soft depression for corn or crystals or water in ritual altar horizontal mode.

A subset of the marks can be used repeatedly rather than the entire inscription. It is a song stone. Can be used for rhythm or rapping.

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