Inner solstice alignment: person on earth is between Galactic core and sun

Inner Solstice 2014 movie stills

Here are some stills from a movie that is almost done. It is about a brief, but vertically intense experience Caroling had on June 21, 2014. See the Inner Solstice 2014 page for details about the event.

Galactic centering (part of title screen)
Galactic Centering Movie starts with a clip of the Fermi Galactic Center Zoom from NASA

Galactic Inner Solstice (part of title screen)
Before dawn, looking towards the galactic center in the stars of Sagittarius (night sky map from

At Sunrise on Inner Solstice 2014 (part of the title)
Meditating before sunrise on a bay

Sunrise vision
Multidimensional focus as sun appears

Sunrise vidion
Aligning the foci

solstice vibes
Strong, fine, subtle vibrations at the solstice time, soon after sunrise

high sky
For a few minutes before and after solstice the sky is pinker as recorded on video

solstice vibration
Tumultuous inner vibrations surreally solstictic

Credits for the movie as memories spin of the connection of air, earth, light, water, above and below

See Inner Solstice 2014.


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