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2009 Back to Nature - Planting, YouTube

See volunteers planting native vegetation around Oyster Lake, on the Emerald Coast of NW Florida, USA at the SWCC Back to Nature (B2N) event, October 17, 2009. See images and reports from some B2N events. See the location on a Google map.

The planting event was part of a project coordinated by the Choctawhatcee Basin Alliance (CBA) to identify exotic and/or invasive plant species around local rare coastal dune lakes. For background on the project see Invasive/Exotic Species Project of April, 2005 and links to the Coastal Dune Lakes Management Plan on the CBA web page.

In the morning I planted native species to the point of exhaustion. This explains the hard-won dirt covering me in the photo at the end of the video. In the afternoon, I took pictures of other people that you see working in the video. They finished planting that day on the other side of the lake by an overpass. I took some baseline photos of that area as groundwork for a before and after comparison to be completed when the native planting matures.

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