Here is a look at your color healing. Yellow (yellow) is the dancing beams of colored light beings, sparked with the ice blue bliss state of psyche. This illuminated presence is partly the result of the eclipse, special alignment of planets, and global meditation consciousness of the days from August 11-17. High color energy lights up this healing. To me it doesn't feel particularly personal or psychological, although you might get specifics from it. The rays are vivid, intense, and positive. The yellow remains the most powerful aspect to me. Moving around in the healing the afterimages play with the yellow, making it brighter and animated so it has a daffodil life of its own. Easing into it, I can imagine it cleansing and brightening my aura from within. It's a playful wisdom.

The order of runecasting is: movement, possessions/manifest, OMlulu (rune 26, covered by warrior/self), joy/beyond, flow (over joy), fertility/completion (evolution), warrior/self (over OMlulu), protection/priest, and constraint/madness (need). (Refer to the chart at for the signs and the words for runes 1-25. See for rune 26.)

The runestory is:

The flow of joy manifests evolution of the celebrant's (priest's) need for undivided self.

Can you rearrange the order of these concepts in a way that is meaningful? I've got to go! Thanks for inviting me to your color festivities.