Full moonrise 4


Year 2015 - Full Moon 4

April 4 full moon 4 at 7:07 a.m. CST. I was ready to record moonrise and moonset closest to the full moon time from the ramp at Deer Lake State Park on the Gulf of Mexico in Florida. This year I'm keeping watch on 13 full moons as they rise/set from the single location on a park ramp. I saw full moonrise 4 as the moon appeared behind a building roof on the horizon. I watched it for half an hour until it disappeared in clouds above. In the morning, thick haze hid the moon at the horizon so I could barely see the moon for a minute, long before it set.

I've been there morning and night for the first three full moons in January, February and March. None of them has appeared or disappeared at the horizon. They appeared or disappeared behind clouds, fog, or haze a half hour before or after rise or set time. One I never saw. Some very little. I call this "Meditation Moon" because it was so beautifully present.

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