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Year 2015 - Full Moon 2

February 3 full moon at 5:10 p.m. CST. Recording moonrise and moonset closest to the full moon time from the ramp at Deer Lake State Park on the Gulf of Mexico in Florida. Moonrise at 5:24 p.m. in the evening and moonset at 6:04. a.m. CST. Here is a movie of the moonset experience: YouTube, Vimeo, or direct.

Before dawn, the moon was perfectly in the clear as I left home but I could see a few trailers of horizontal cloud wisps. That whole hemisphere to the west gradually filled with clouds. Moon obscured well before moonset. It was a wonderful sunrise. Below freezing, sparkling frost crystals around, I got so cold that it took all day to feel warm again.

Photographed in the direction of the overcast sunset without really seeing it. Turned to look moonwise, zoomed way out because didn't know where it would be. Saw nothing until 20 minutes after moonrise time, when I saw a dull glow that had to be the moon. Got video but the faint moon disappeared soon. I stayed for another five minutes or so in vain.

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