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Adding a floating ^COLORED graphic in a movie or QTVR

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             Colour Masks on Panos
             Tue, 17 Feb 1998 07:30:11 -0700
             Bill Meikle 
             Deep Forest

Here's a cool tip from Dean Perry down in Australia. 

    Since I'm not even sure he's on this list, I'll pass it on. It
allows one to use Movie Player to add a colour mask on top of a QTVR

     So far, masks have been black and white, and used for 'binoculars'
and a few other things...This allows for a lot more. An updating  'you
are here' map in the bottom corner of a multinode?  An 'arm' that is in
front of you (have to link to an object movie to get it to animate, but
the calculator example on Apple's CD is proof of concept on how that
would work...), a plethora of front hoods, bows, handle bars, etc.  and
of course, logos and watermarks in the bottom corner of your pano in

   Here's Dean's note in response to a question on how to show the front
of a kayak not moving in a node. His demo exposes him as (like me) a
programmer more than an artist:      

have a look at 

what I did was:

* Make the kayak in as a pict.  I tried to give it an alpha channel -
but I
couldn't get this to work.  Anyway, it had a white background which was
good enough.

* make another pict that is black where your pano should be and white
the kayac should be (ie: a mask)

* Open the kayak pict in movie player

* Open the pano movie in MoviePlayer 3, change the movie's controller to
the normal movie controller (this enables other editing operations)

* copy the kayac movie, select the pano movie (with normal movie
now) and Add Scaled (shift-option-command-V) - this will put your kayak
into a second video track.

* put this track _behind_ the pano track (don't ask me) ie: layers
  original video = 0 
  second video = -1
  pano track = -2

* set the mask of your pano track to the mask picture.

* set the graphics mode of your 2nd video track (with the kayak) to
transparent with the white as the transparent colour.

* change the movie controller back to the vr controller.
        Masking in QTVR
        Fri, 24 Apr 1998 18:09:07 +0200
  From: (Tom Janssens)


A while ago there was a little thread about the 'mask'-function of 
The problem, or rather limited functionality, was it being a 1-bit only 
track, so you could make 'rounded' and 'keyhole' movies, but more 
sophisticated things were not possible.

I had some experiments with placing pictures on VR-tracks and decided to 
try the alphachannel-features to achieve an soft-arty-edge effect.

Have a look at it on:

Feel free to download and dissect it.

I think it looks quite nice and allows you to blend your QTVR-movie into 
your web-page. For some reason it turns ghastly reddish on WinNT. Maybe I 
have a look into that. Probably has sthg to do with red-character of 
Photoshop channels.

It needs some finetuning too. The actual content-track is 73K and the 
mask a whopping 68K, almost doubling the file-size.
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