MPEG-4 movie

wind dirt movie

  1. The sound at the beginning of the movie has a blurred overlay. It lasts halfway through the clip, then stops. I think it is due to wind in the mic. Not sure. If so, is the best cure a wind screen that costs about $150 to go over the mic on my Canon GL-2 miniDV camera? Maybe I could test it by wrapping mic in thin bit of foarm? If not, have I been causing it by camera handling?

  2. There is a grey blob due to dust on the lens right in the middle of the frame. Best seen at the end of the movie against the light dock. Is there any way to retouch or eliminate that blob from each frame, without affecting the underlying images? Ideally, I would identify the area and ask for a healing or blending or cloning from the background to replace its pixels.

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