Move around with Click and drag or arrow keys
Zoom in with + > A a . or = key. Zoom out with - < Z z , or _ key
While moving, zoom in or out with shift or control key
Hotspots with Spacebar

All around, Wholeo with Java viewer and hotspots

Press Spacebar to toggle the hotspot markers on and off. Blue hotspots link to the Book of Wholeo, which pops up in a separate browser window. The book explains the main areas in Wholeo with links to image details. Yellow hotspots link to various other pages, images, or are simply identifiers.

Here is a view of all Wholeo, which is a hemisphere. To view this file, a Java applet downloads temporarily, so you don't need a plug-in for a Macintosh or PC browser. This file is about 260 KB. You can see the parts of Wholeo undistorted, in the round. You spin back, forth, up and down, just as you would look around if you were really there, inside the dome.

Press spacebar to see hotspots. Repress to hide them again. While over hotspot, click the mouse or press enter to jump to link. To see your coordinates, press h and click. To see the pan, tilt, and fov (zoom) press v and click. Look for info in the browser status bar at the bottom of the window.

If the applet does not work for you, see other choices on the All around views of Wholeo page. The name of the dome Wholeo and all images are Copyright 1974 Caroling.

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