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Wholeo Dome moving into location movie

The images in this Flash movie are from this page. They show the start of the process of moving Wholeo, the stained glass dome, to its home at The Farm, April 5-21, 2004. Macromedia® get flash icon Flash™ 4 + plug-in is required.

Hope, the granddaughter, carries a stained glass panel from the storeroom to the van. Robert Moore, the driver, heads back upstairs to get another panel. To stabilize the glass panels, we surround them with paper, boxes, insulation, or any bulk we can find.

Sharon Wells, the grandmother, school director and prime patron of the dome, shows a panel to Hope, who took the picture.

The site is roughly between the large tree, the school, and the woods to the left. Mark Schultz, a guest, and Patrick Montagne, a resident builder, help unload the van in an hour. We carry everything into a corner in the school. Because of his involvement, interest in the dome, and attention to details of the site, I ask Patrick Montagne to select the best place for the center of the dome. He drives a metal stake with a red cup cap.

The next day, Mark helps put up the work tent near the site.

The Farm newsletter, the Free Press, announces a work party unloading dome panels. Our quick unloading was not anticipated. It rains and I work inside, attaching color-coded stickers to the nine different lengths of struts. Some think the work day is canceled, but Patrick and Vickie help out.

The next day with white snowflakes steadily falling outside, in the school, Mark helps assemble 10 sections of the dome frame. In the picture, they are stacked on the desk over the stored glass panels. Before he leaves, Mark helps link me to Jennifer English, who manages the schedule for apprentices at the Ecovillage Training Center (ETC). Many thanks to Mark for getting Wholeo established.

Signs announce the Unity Festival, April 16-18.

Bikko Casini, a serious bongo drum player, hauls a piece bamboo. The rounds that abound at The Farm make Wholeo feel right at home. He facilitated delivery of 9 tons of gravel for the dome drainage, seen in the last picture. He got "monkeys" to move and replace concrete blocks lining the driveway. He had us show the driver pictures of the dome.

Stephen Gaskin, original farm founder, tells about being inducted into the Hall of Fame.

Unity banner detail - more of those rounds.

Child skipping in the spirit of the place.

Dafyd Rawlings, an architect learning about alternative building by doing it, consulted on the foundation of Wholeo dome. Here he is co-hosting an introduction to permaculture at the ETC with Mathew.

Interior of an ETC building, the hipitat - more rounds.

Permaculture ponds - more rounds.

Breaking ground for the french drain for the dome are Mathew of the ETC and Dafyd.

This event occurred right after the Unity Festival on April 18. People gathered to watch and help. We first assembled the base tier of the dome frame. Joel Kachinsky, lawyer, helped from beginning to end and probably was the only one who understood the geodesic geometry. Francesco (wearing beret) uses it to locate holes for posts for the foundation. The orange mesh construction fence is to protect the site.

The partial geodesic tube frame lifts easily. There's Jennifer back by the tree.

Francesco saws a pipe for a center post. The guys covering their ears helped greatly with the fence and foundation. Emily and Jennifer helped with both frame and drain.

This picture shows the two drainage ditches flanking the path into and out of the dome.

Looking from SW: post forms, holes, 7-foot radius measuring board, tube frame, and school.

The fully assembled frame is stored inside the fence.

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