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Wholeo Dome glass panels

There are at least 109 individual leaded glass panels in Wholeo Dome. This section describes how to make and repair a panel. It tells about effects on the panels of being moved several times, installed outdoors for six years, and stored for over 20 years. Many panels have lost their original curvature and have cracked or broken glass.

Repair is a process of picking the next panel for installation, as numbered on this graphic. Cracked glass can be patched and cemented. Broken glass must be replaced, which requires matching the color or finding an acceptable or creative substitute.


When inspecting panel 17, I found burn marks on the lead, a broken piece and cracks in several pieces of glass due to soot and heat and from the flame of a candle. Someone must have carelessly placed a candle on the foundation rim and not watched as it damaged the dome. The replacement for the broken piece is swirly opalescent turquoise to commemorate this event. The "smoking" is to remind us not to burn anything in Wholeo Dome. The dome is the light and the high. Keep it natural. Keep it clean.


Silvery drips

Some panels have a curious silvery dripping on the outside of the glass. Some of the drips are mirrors. It is specific to a few and not shared by adjacent panels, suggesting a cause due to something about the preparation. Perhaps the panel was exposed to rain before the glazing compound was dry. Certain fluxes used in soldering and not well cleaned might drip down the surface. Or could this be the result of a cleaning agent itself?

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