Play 3

Zen/Zero -- Caroling's Show, Play 3


This is a notation stack where you can type in expressions (express yourself!) over and over with different constants or variables. And there are a couple of ways out.

The program does not check what you type. The rule is: garbage in, garbage out. Or conversely, if you type in a true statement and answer the prompts correctly, you will see: truth in, truth out.

If you say the denominator is equal to a multiple of one, the audition fails and there is no act 3. Try again, replay the Audition.

If you say the denominator is equal to a multiple of zero the show goes on. You state where the denominator is equal to a multiple of zero. The program surrounds the numerator and denominator of your number with rectangles. This is the notation showing that your quotient is undivided.

To see how it works, you can just OK the default values that appear. The default quotient is 1/x, where x =0.

After a flashy intermission, mysterious rebirth simulation occurs. Backwards play is yalp. Backwards act is tca, sound of the crow, backwards worc, also sound of a big bird. See this flipping turning and twisting backwards and forwards. Tumble it up down around and out. It is crazy. There is no explanation. But you take part as it happens step by step. Your number becomes divided by a multiple of one and the surrounding rectangles disappear.

Act 1 Audition Page 66
Act 2 Notation Page 67
Intermission     Page 68
Act 3 Mysterious nowhere
Act 4 Rebirth Page 70

1\x, (x=0) = circle 1 divided by circle x.


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