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I can't get from there to anywhere. Sorry. I'm not including this in the online and am deleting it from the stack, so the page numbers will be right. 2-24-98 Notes about the act of definition in math. (this is from Zen and the Art of Division by Zero printed 3/1/88, page 21. Not sure where it should go) "now I must cross reference with pre-calc math, from ref #9 back to p76. Addition is defined by (a+bi)+(c+di)=(a+c)+(b+d)i... p77 Multiplication is usually carried out in this way rather than by simply memorizing the definition.... We define the conjugate of a complex number... p78 In applications of the quadratic formula, and elsewhere, we sometimes encounter expressions of the form sq.rt.(-p), where p is a positive real number. We define this as follows:...=i*(sq.rt.(p)" PrevNext
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