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39 steps

  1. Get Self from ancient civilizations.
  2. Move only from real Self.
  3. Draw in the ends of the thread of time.
  4. Surround with stone.
  5. Impregnate Matrix.
  6. Will circulation of the nothing.
  7. Eat root.
  8. Resonance channels of circulation
  9. The teaching of 3 lakes.
  10. Skin stops bleeding.
  11. Spirit mixed in skin.
  12. Through green, the coming of fire, plants, and colors.
  13. Purifying
  14. Gold Cosmic Juice.
  15. Cosmic Juice freed, as Bill.
  16. Vilque Chico, external cone of Matrix.
  17. Star of Central Intelligence in heart.
  18. Center of Gravity in crown.
  19. Listen.
  20. Move awareness form Crown to heart; calling.
  21. Capstone is here
  22. Maintain highest consciousness.
  23. Form 4 nodes of Candelaria.
  24. Form 5th D. Capstone with slivers from Inseminating Matrix.
  25. How to Implant the Sun Disc.
  26. Healing from Matrix.
  27. The open Capstone with risen Cosmic Juice.
  28. Ground the above.
  29. Earth and I are formless.
  30. Extend high and low notes around risen Cosmic Juice.
  31. Plunge it into Earth.
  32. Put out Blue Vortex of positive energy.
  33. Mauritimoreal and 14-fold spine.
  34. Join the Brotherhood.
  35. Capture the flame of Brotherhood from high mountaintop.
  36. Sorata mountain amplifies Sun Disc, puts Capstone over Lake Titicaca.
  37. Sorata mountain beams light to center of Sun Disc.
  38. Send Feminine Ray from Sun Disc to all light centers on Earth.
  39. Chant, fusing Sun Disc, inviting Sun People caretakers.

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