Eastern Lake inlet after Hurricane Katrina, 30 August, 2005

On the morning after Hurricane Katrina, sand fills both the natural and dredged inlets to Eastern Lake. Brisk wind is still blowing sand into the gap, looking NE. Wonderful to see and feel the stinging sand, so recently dragged out to the gulf and dredged, now returning. I hoped to see how Ester, the spirit of Eastern Lake I contact, would naturally open her channel in concert with the waters of the Gulf of Mexico, the sands of the beach, and the plants and animals there. However, that hope was dashed by human animals, the property owners and the Walton county officials who decided for her. They bulldozed and dredged a deep straight channel once more.

This is on the Water, 2005 page, which is in the Deer Lake State Park section of the Florida Travel pages. The explanation is that from beach access via Lakewood Drive and Highway 30A, I go west to Eastern Lake and east to Deer Lake, all on the same walk, The separation into web sections is only in my mind. Back to water page.