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All around Eastern Lake, solstice, 6/21/03


Started from Heron's Watch Condo, NW side of Eastern Lake at 8:30 am.

Entered Deer Lake State Park trail behind Seaside Institute and the power station on Hwy 30A, walking north.

0.38 miles - Notice road to left. seeing coyote, bobcat, and deer tracks. Mushrooms. Bird with shrill whistle up. My name for the spirit of Eastern Lake is Ester. Keep center of consciousness there in the water.

0.70 - Sign, entering Point Washington State Forest

0.83 - Turn to left under power lines. Shortly after, under the line, saw two deer. They ran off before I got my camera out. Photo looking south. Probably could walk straight up under the lines from the power station. Had to wade through water on the path.