Scruffrug Meets His Maker, Part 2

These pages are stories of Scruffrug. Scruffrug was born a rug. One day he up and flew. This story was written on 11/27/2001 and found in 2016.

 Thinking of a Scruffrug story, soon it is telling itself. Scruffrug goes back to meet his maker, part 2. (Part 1 isn't written yet, but it has been told. In it, Scruffrug goes back to Afghanistan with Elizabeth and they meet his maker, long ago.)

In this story, Scruffrug wonders how his maker is surviving the war on terrorism being fought by America and a coalition of military in Afghanistan. Scruffrug arrives to find the entire town of his origin in ruins. Nothing remains of his maker. Devastating. He slumps down under a tree.

After a long time of denial and grief and hopeless sadness, he sees the roots of the tree. Something about them looks familiar. Then one by one he finds elements used in his making. Materials are the least of it. It is the way roots overlap and some are out of sight in the soil. The way the branches reach for the light for their leaves and how a surface is woven from elements of the same tree.

Birds weave in and out with colors. Clouds and winds teach other elements. Scruffrug now understands his maker and how weaving was discovered and invented and came into practice. All consciousness and manifestation on earth has the design information. Although the weavers and the weavings and the looms are gone, new ones will arise. It is that basic. He will be surprised by some aspect of his maker left there. A child? A note? Maker comes out of a cave? Or Scruffrug imagines being the maker.

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