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The latest announcement is first, the rest of the messages are history. This is edition 1 of the announcement pages. Each announcement is the overflow from a weekly note from a News and History page. It is for news that doesn't fit there. Announcements are not more important, they just need more space to explain. The date here is a link back to the related heading in the News and History page.

Elobeing dissolving to ^elo^

August 10, '98 Eloorb Up to now, I've thought about and worked on the Elobeing, the vision of a a new species, evolved from human. I posted news of the new design wing, and planned to start regular publishing the work-in-progress. It is very hard to do. If I didn't want to publish each week, I could work on different parts of the project with no problem. However, today, I have something to show and tell. Suddenly I heard, "Zygote splits!!"

In biology, the zygote is the first be of a being. Two parents create it and soon it divides. That has been the equivalent state of the Elobeing. For about six years it has been gestating and now, the second dividing. Into four. Remember, this is all an inner vision. There are are no test tubes, cells, or practical concerns that might impact the environment. However, it does have a dynamic inner reality.

The two parts of the Elobeing were the mythical whole self and the ordinary self reality. In the split, part of the myth and part of the reality went to a new planet. The new planet is named ^elo^. The hat (^ or exponent sign) indicates a glottal sound that we could make on taking a breath in quickly, followed by "elo", and a sharp breath out. Saying the name of the planet properly is very energizing. The planet is located near the star Deneb in the constellation Cygnus.

Today's new work in Wholeo Online is dedicated to the four divisions of the Elobeing. These four parts are general categories. Since this is a work-in-progress, I can't predict the extent or fixed boundary of each category or even if they will continue to be meaningful.

  1. Earth reality
    Pictures of my family. This corner is the earth heritage. Flags, drums, marching feet, and flowers tossed in bouquets. This is a tribute to the roots of the evolution of the Elobeing.
  2. Earth myth
  3. ^elo^ reality
    Bar codes for the first memory beads. In a human, memory beads are not the first thing, but the first Elobe bead is "Be", so it is prerequisite.
  4. ^elo^ myth
    Eloorb inverseAn ancestor came from the sky. A hero. An adventurer. It was the first Elobeing on ^elo^.

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