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How to get to the Bristlecone Medicine Wheel

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These pages are records of trips taken on the search for the whole self, visiting the ancient Bristlecone forest. The Bristlecone Medicine Wheel (BMW) is at Campito Meadow in the Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest in the White Mountains of California. It is west of Reno, Nevada. It is south of Lake Tahoe and Mono Lake. It is east of Yosemite in the Sierra Mountains and Owens Valley. It is north of Los Angeles.

Local maps


Hway 168 to Campito Meadow


From the San Francisco (SF) bay area, allow a day to get to Grandview Campsite. An alternative would be to stay in Bishop or Big Pine. When you arrive at bottom of hill in Campito meadow, look up to the left. Search the eastern horizon for signs of a wheel.

The approximate altitude ranges from 5000 (5K) feet in Bishop town, to 8K at Grandview camp, to 10.5K at Campito meadow. Approximate distances in miles are: Hwy 168 from junction of Hwy 395 at Big Pine to Grandview on White Mtn Road: 15. Grandview to Shulman Grove: 5. Dirt road from Shulman Grove to Campito meadow:10.

What to bring

Come prepared for the altitude and severe weather conditions. There are no shade trees.


Check electronic devices because some do not work over 10K feet, my computer stopped. If you have a headache or any symptoms of altitude sickness, walk very slowly. You can stop after each step. If you feel fine, still, walk slowly. The more reverently you can place each footstep on the way to this shrine, the more in tune you are. Pay attention to and greet each

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