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Notch Meeting Place

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Here is a place to meet in the mind. If one of us can't get in touch physically, here is a place to go, to always keep in touch. In 1994, this is where Elizabeth and Carol held a ceremony.


June, 1996. When I discovered the Grandview altar, I saw a lizard. It was looking away, but when I asked for communication, it turned and scrambled toward me. It came to the closest point on the rock face, and looked me right in the face! We stood staring for an unmeasurable length of time. I asked his help, sent and received love, and communed on sub-being level.

Pictures of the Notch

The notch is a rock at Grandview campsite in the White Mountains of California. Specifically it is a cutout and natural altar in the large rock. Looking through the notch, beyond the Hopi Tea plants, see the Sierra Mountains. You are looking over Owens Valley and very near the Ancient Bristlecone Forest. Click on any picture to popup a new window with an 8" enlargement. The picture of Elizabeth is from 1994. The other pictures are from 1996. See you there!

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