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Scruffrug Sees the Pictographs

Scruffrug hovers over Campito Meadow

Scruffrug? Who's that or what's that? Briefly, Scruffrug is a rug that one day up and flew. Much later storywise, Scruffrug flew into stories told by Caroling to Elizabeth, to their delight.

Scruffrug happens to be above Campito meadow. He uses a zoom function to become large enough to cover the whole meadow. Cruising at high altitude, at first he sees dots, that might represent beings. Then instead, he sees pictographs set by natives for sky people to see on their return.

Scruffrug goes into hover mode. Signs are like a mirage, not part of earth. He wishes that his friends were here. Soon he sees Caroling and Elizabeth OMlulu waving. Elizabeth is a two-year old daughter of Caroling. Swoop, big hug.

This story was told in 1972 and forgotten until now. Like a sting ray with passengers, Scruffrug takes Caroling and Elizabeth up to see the pictographs. A ring appears around the cluster with rainbow halo, like looking at the sun or moon through fine mist. Here it is wishes mixed with dust (as in "dust thou art"). The fact that we had been part of this story explains why it looked like a medicine wheel, and seemed familiar when our car broke down there in 1994. There was a faint pulsating quality to the mist, causing a vibration pattern like photos of atom orbits.

A bird glides past very tranquilly then turns to alight on Scruffrug. Doesn't quite fold its wings all the way back, looks uncertain and says, "..." That is, it opens beak to speak, but no sound is heard. Then it flew on in the direction of Coaldale, Nevada, past the bristlecones.

Scruffrug takes a photo with sensitive cells in his threads. He can then project the image as part of his design. Now Caroling can assemble it and sometime hear the meaning of the glyphs.

They fly down to Campito Mt. for a look around from the peak. And talk over old times and stories they've shared. Then Scruffrug beams them back to Ventura where they are visiting grandma and grandpa Lind.

Scruffrug had just brought them there to the bristlecones for the story. A rug can need company, you know.

To read the meaning of the glyphs, start at the lower right corner, with the stick figure of a person. Go left and around the circle to the toothy smile, then to the center. The glyphs are:

  1. Greetings from the ground people
  2. Special evolution
  3. For many
  4. Started long ago
  5. Rising
  6. Web
  7. Wind
  8. Paths crossing
  9. Overcome
  10. Joke
  11. Our stars

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