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Sunrise meditation video, small

Watching this embedded Vimeo HD movie you have some options. After clicking the arrow to start, if you hover over the movie, the controller bar is visible at the bottom of the frame. You can select or deselect HD (high definition). Watch Full screen or on the Vimeo web site. To play smoothly, it helps to let the movie fully download before playing. Also having the latest Firefox, Chrome, or Safari browser and the latest Flash update might help. Here is a larger window version.

Scenes are before and after 30-minute meditation on the beach between Seaside and Watercolor on Coastal Highway 30A in northwest Florida on Sunday morning, 1-29-2012. Before sunrise people walked and gathered onshore. The sun appeared during meditation. After sunrise the birds flying, splashing, swimming and diving in the surf express the joy of the moment. Emerald Coast Meditation Society associates are drawn to this practice occasionally. For regular meeting info, see ECMS, Facebook, or Google+

See Sunrise meditation for other versions.

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