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These pages are to give flight to your imagination.

It is an event on the web. It is the first publication of lostNfound. It is one map to the models of expansion of consciousness. Specifically, it is a panorama of the model of EIE.

The first set of photos is in the directory Imagine/RitualSpaces/lostNfound/images/EIE/. See thumbnails.

Timezone maps for Wrinkle 2 submissions

Panos submitted.

Producer info (text, here on SMax)

Producer info (Rabbett site)

Producer info new 3/10, HTML from Rabbett's site.

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Equinox season's greetings

Self portrait of still life

Nature: the wild volunteers -- Oxalis, succulent, and orchid

Still "Still life" as in "there's still life. See this as + encouraging. I live in city and was unable to travel but I found an encouraging sign for earth day. It's been 15 years since I moved form the country. The plants I brought have all died. But the native california plants are here. I don't water these containers. All summer they are dry and dead, no plant life. Yet when winter rains come, plants spring up. The redwood sorrel, oxalis, that usually grows in redwood forests, is suviving on my deck in silicon valley. I don't know the origin of the fat succulents or the filigree wee with tiny orchids either. I'm glad to see them in spring. So expand them out. This is your nature pan and make the art work like music. In case you're interested, this pano eventually will be entry to lostNfound, the space, the sculptures, the ideas they spring from and explore.

Tech notes

Camera and panhead used: Nikon One Touch held in place by a nail on some boxes for a tripod. Type of film : Fujifilm 200 ASA Print scanner: UMAX 6E, 150 dpi, saved as TIFF files Macintosh PPC software: QuickStitch Needed a stitcher and not yet able to afford QTVRAS. QuickStitch is an order of magnitude cheaper. QuickStitch takes BMP or JPEG files. I'm not familiar with BMP so I saved my TIFF files as .jpg with highest quality (10). The stitching worked but the output files are fuzzy, details are lost. I stitched 3 or 4 prints together, overlapping sections. Photoshop 4.1 Assembled stitched sections and saved as a PICT Make QTVR panorama 1.0b4 Used this version (rather than 2) to ensure backward compatibility Cinepak compression at 75% Default zoom: 80 Movie Player 2.5.1 Saved as self-contained, playable on non-Apple computers Tech change in tools. Should have a change in mind too. Not only see 3D but have computer art freedom. Computer software munges and presents things close to the way we experience them. But how about the art of seeing? Man am I high! So the visions here are like the music you might add to a pano. Has the feeling color sensation of how you feel inside. And here are my plants. Points of view for each shot in the pano:
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