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Elobeing - Stage, Act 1

Act 1 shows the relationships of some of the essential parts of an Elobeing. Here it is on the stage for the play in the Elobeing design exhibit. Act 1 introduces several actors in the cast of characters.

In Act 1, from within a transitional MET, a tiny Reach Out emanates and beats with the zero point (base camp three). The vertical energies of the staff expand up and down, inviting Circulation. As the Elobeing reveals itself, the transitional MET condenses into a coiled path. The inner Eye oversees the Concentric Rings and the opening of Chakras (energy centers).

Press the Back button to go to the start of the movie. Press the Play button to play. To pause, mouseover the Back or Play button. Then step one frame at a time with a left or right arrow key or a mouseover a button.

get flash icon Flash 5+ plug-in is required. Use the pointing hands to navigate the home pages of each actor, in alphabetical order. Out of Aliceland, see Wonder encounter the Elobeing chakras.

The roots and topics of Elobeing come together in history as the design develops in the exhibit.

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