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Elobeing - Stage

At the opening of the Elobeing design exhibit, the staff expands. Now here on the Elobeing design exhibit stage, the staff emerges as part of several acts. You could call them Elobeing acts. The shows are interactive, for you to explore. These movies are modular, each is a mini-act. The wholeo movie is 450KB. But there is a modular version, where each part must download when first clicked. Once downloaded, you can quickly mingle among them.

get flash icon Flash 5+ plug-in is required.

Cast of characters in a table. Cast of characters on a page. (simple1) The first movie is Act 1. See Act 1 as one solid download (450KB) or as Act 1, modular. This is the first in a series of movies.

Follow the hand (prev) to the previous movie. Next movie () shows where this is going. See a map, to get an overview of the exhibit. The hand in the icon (lower right) shows where you are. The roots and topics of Elobeing come together in history as the design develops in the exhibit.

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