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Elobeing - Stage, how to use

Here is an example of how to use the stage for the Elobeing design exhibit. You could pop up the stage in a separate window and follow these steps.

  1. Scroll down on the Stage page and choose a movie (either one solid download or modular download).
  2. To clear the stage, click hide all (hide *) at the right bottom corner of the movie.
  3. To see the background panorama, click on scenery.
  4. To start or stop scenery rotation, click on the white triangle button on the right. To activate rotating, hold pointer right or left, watching until the scenery is your choice. Midscreen is faster movement; top and bottom edges slow movement to a stop.
  5. Click white triangle to stop scenery.
  6. For images, move pointer over words to the left, watching as the images appear center stage. When you like an image, click the word to keep the image on. If you chose modular download, you need to hold the pointer over a word for awhile.
  7. Click concentric rings, pooling at ground.
  8. Continue clicking to add elements. The inner eye above, the staff in between. The spirit coil phases are an evolving form of the Smallest Unit of Life. Chakras spring up, down, and around, distributing and forming connections between the elements.

paletteThis is a framework for transducing energy. You might prefer another background color. Here's how, using the example to the right.

  1. On the stage, click flat. The background changes to teal blue. Above the word flat, see three bands, with square buttons, colored red, green, and blue. These control the RGB color values of the flat.
  2. Click, drag, and release the square buttons, one by one, to experiment with color choices. The colors available depend on your display settings. You might have 256, thousands, or millions of colors.
  3. Once the flat is on stage, you can change other elements and make new color choices anytime. Even in Act 1 and Act 2.

Do it yourself. Make your own show. Animate it with acts from the words. See how the forms and colors relate. When you get a show you like, send in a graphic screen shot for the design exhibit visitors gallery. (That's just an idea at the moment.)

get flash icon Flash 5+ plug-in is required.

The roots and topics of Elobeing come together in history as the design develops in the exhibit.

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