VRview.htm. Need links to pano path. Done need icon on all pano pages, need links from path.htm is OMlulupath done? drawn to QTVR after seeing Janies site. So am particularly pleased and honored at invitation to show here at VrView. I like freedom to mix mdeia. I like panos brings rounded, centered space to the flat square world of computer screens, windows, and frames. symbolism of spinning and revolving interface door. about E 10th St. was when began looking within to see Wholeo as UFO and the old woman painting do then is what I have become now. Links to design notes. main web page. pano path. to tell a story about Rev door, in to the shiny new SF MOMA out from NY world the interface to visions, wedges of whole served up in segments is via the trenches, the construciton under the revolving doors in and out. The doors betwen look like african masks, the inner eye and mouths, like voudou Deneba no Legba, in cyberspae. turning to the wholeness of the whole self. Statement about revWhole. Technically, the idea is gears of revolution around in space. While you turn around your axis in space the image turned around its axis 5 times that is, at 72 degree intervals orthogonal to pano axis. Space time clockworks so you can see too might be useful technique for online star sky maps--planispheres. Also might have hotspots to details of the stained glass dome as it appears in 1st invitational exhibition at stito link panos work with both QT 1, 2 and 3. Cross platform and multiple viewers.