Could the exhibition at VrView be a revolving door with one way in and several out? Maybe an index? Cut parts of each pano with hot spot to it? From GaiaPoint to my world, finally to wholeo. Like 3D mandala.

VrView exhibit pano has 6 panes or hot spots

Seeing how no site on the web is complete in itself. Just a snag or embroidery on fabric touching a few threads. See it as a door in channels of interactivity. A magic revolving port. The exhibit is access point to a fulcrum joining them. From wholeo, I enter a page with a link to the exhibit. So for each way out, there is a way in. So the door from each side looks the same?

For revolving door to be effective, needs the thickness of 90° angle.


So we can use Fuller's 720° of two tetrahedrons and spread them out in our virtual space.


By altering our concept of space, we can fold back any one of the 5 axcess points so that it has the whole 360°. So instead of feeling spaced out or lost in space, we feel spaced in, enriched in space. We take freedoms with space to accomodate our revolving choices.

So my new Wholeo pano will be the exhibit revolving door room between VrView and Wholeo Online.

each door in feels like 180° access

So we could call this Wrinkle in Spacetime!

So if I choose the Gateway port it starts with Wholeo symbol tangential access and while in it is circle symbol.

I leap from one to the other.

The exhibit pano has a way back to VrView. Use the painting of Rose in the revolving door of New York city. I realize that all the revolving doors of NY are on my mind. Big impression. Not much part of california experience. Wonder how many cities have the richness of revolving doors of NYC? How many people in the world have gone through one?

Rose could be normal, as painted, for access page from VrView. Then flipped in exhibit pano, seen reversed!

So what is the leading that puts these 6 panels of the exhibit panel together like parts of a stained glass cylinder, walls of a kaliedoscope? My first thought is the easter chicks diorama! What fun. Nests of toy chicks. The titillating interplay of symbols between fake and real that induces virtual reality.

A major goal of my exhibit is to clearly establish that virtual reality in no way, shape, or form needs to be as dull as 3D reality. VR is brain space, crenellated, grounded in, and blessed with the magic of subjective consciousness.

It need not labor under physical constrictions. But it uses 3D space for reference and snapshots and home movies for warm fuzzy recognition.

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Just been to NYC and revolving doors are big on my mind as a kind of panorama space. Wondering how many people that might see a pano on the web will also have been through a revolving door. I know many people in the world have never been through one.

I guess it is as true for the future, when revolving doors are vastly improved as air locks in space stations and so on. To explain my use of them at this point in time, I need to describe my concept. Hmm. Maybe help is a page on the ground, where this and more detailed explanation is. So someone can just go into the exhibit door without all this rationalization.