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After Oil 2010 Transformation Vision
guidance came to me during the equinox day of silence and meditation on September 25, 2010. It relates to After Oil. Buddha appeared. Was stone not buddha. Was wondering what the transmission was when he held up the flower.

I got chakras all over and even off the body.

Taught me about toxic oil and dispersant. Once a day take 1,500 IU vitamin D (can be in gels) and 1,500 mg vitamin C (can be powder in hot water like tea). Action with vitamin E from daily intake breaks down toxics which are then able to be breathed out as insignificant powder particles that are subject to gravity and return to earth. {Just realized that like typical irresponsible people, I'm willing to get rid of it even if I don't know impact to other life forms. I hope that since I got this through guidance it is not a problem I need to be concerned about.} This to be taken with a wafer round and thin and blessed like a communion wafer. Hold it up for the UV light from pineal inner eye that you will have to learn to project.


Caroling is an old artist who created the environment, Wholeo Dome (http://www.wholeo.net/wholeodome.htm), in medieval stained glass on a geodesic dome frame. The Wholeo quest continues the search for the whole self. Worked as electronic technician and programmer, but most recent and relevant experience was as technical writer at Silicon Graphics, Inc. (SGI, http://www.sgi.com), for interactive TV. Now full-time art webber or web artist of www.wholeo.net, her ambition is to promote whole being for herself and all. This includes visions of modeling the normal human psyche, showing how it changes with expansion of consciousness, and designing a new species based on the principles discovered in the process. It is the evolutionary Elobeing. Caroling grew up in the middle of the USA but has lived on all coasts (currently Florida) with three life-changing trips abroad: Europe (1954), Peru/Bolivia (1981), and New Zealand (1996). See resume for details of profession.


"After Oil" is the situation on the NW Florida coast of the Gulf of Mexico exposed to the British Petroleum oil disaster called the BP oil spill of April 20, 2010.