tetrahelix for DNA strand

Tetrahelix for DNA Strand

This model shows how our double helix DNA might evolve into a triple helix DNA by adding a new strand in Matrix 2012 visualizing breathwork. Each tetrahedron in the chain has four triangular faces. A tetrahedron of the basic color set of red, yellow, blue, and green faces alternates with a tetrahedron of a secondary color set of orange, yellow-green, turquoise and purple faces.

See the revolving tetrahelix in several choices. To interactively control, start, stop, and twirl the strand at different speeds, try the QuickTime movie. For mobile and other devices, use the QuickTime web movie version. See also a Flash movie version.

Use visualizing breathwork linking times, places, and events to imaginatively evolve DNA. The practice is envisioned in the links below. See locations on a Google Map.

So here is my plea, if you find this page and are mystically inclined, follow the story and suggested practices.


Blessings be, Caroling

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